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What Makes an Immigrant?  ☆

In the middle of September, the Buddies were invited to reflect on what makes a person an immigrant. We were preparing to work with a diverse group of young students, many of whom are first- or second-generation immigrants. In this context, awareness of multicultural concerns is especially important. During our reflection that day, we watched …

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Reflecting on Looking Forward  ☆

My reading and math buddy training sessions have definitely brought me back to early childhood days. From writing with my left hand to creating shapes with arts and crafts, I have recaptured my early childhood memories of first and second grade. As a Math Buddy, it was fun to create visual images of trapezoids and …

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Reading with Space  ☆

When literacy tests only consider a student's ability to read text, they can ignore the different ways of learning, knowing, and making meaning that we all have. TC Reading & Math Buddies are encouraged to help students decode books on a variety of levels. Working with picture books, for example, allows discussion of space, line, …

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Constructing Meaning  ☆

During our Reading and Math Buddies training, doctoral and master’s students from across the Teachers College disciplines found themselves constructing spheres, trapezoids and parallelograms and drawing circles in an effort to understand how young learners construct meaning. Because we are a diverse group of learners, we all approached the tasks differently. Even though some of …

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R&M Buddies get new teaching tools  ☆

As technology takes over more and more of the average day, it’s important that educators are aware of new developments. Many think the way students interact with and learn material is changing; the methods necessary to master 21st century skills are not those needed 15 years ago. Teachers who can successfully harness new media my …

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