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Social Capital and TC Buddies 

Positive, strong social support systems can lead to a higher probability of a child’s academic performance —even though modestly reported. The functionality of each relationship within the social network is the crux of its strength. A healthy, positive social structure, can influence a child’s academic success rate. The TC Buddy system, exemplifies the strength of …

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The Benefits of Starting Small 

A recent article in the NY Times highlights the spread of "Singapore math." In this format, students and teachers slow the progression and focus on basics for long periods. In one example, a teacher describes spending 45 minutes on the number 1. To some in American education, this might seem a step backwards. Our textbooks …

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Constructing Meaning  ☆

During our Reading and Math Buddies training, doctoral and master’s students from across the Teachers College disciplines found themselves constructing spheres, trapezoids and parallelograms and drawing circles in an effort to understand how young learners construct meaning. Because we are a diverse group of learners, we all approached the tasks differently. Even though some of …

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R&M Buddies get new teaching tools  ☆

As technology takes over more and more of the average day, it’s important that educators are aware of new developments. Many think the way students interact with and learn material is changing; the methods necessary to master 21st century skills are not those needed 15 years ago. Teachers who can successfully harness new media my …

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1. What happens during the 30 minutes? 

Individual Academic Attention During the thirty minutes, the Buddies may work on a variety of activities together and include  your recommendations about particular topics or concepts that you feel need to be strengthened.   Buddies are encouraged to plan lessons based on each student’s individual needs.   Very often, especially in math, Buddies might have to …

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