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Social Capital and TC Buddies 

Positive, strong social support systems can lead to a higher probability of a child’s academic performance —even though modestly reported. The functionality of each relationship within the social network is the crux of its strength. A healthy, positive social structure, can influence a child’s academic success rate. The TC Buddy system, exemplifies the strength of …

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Visual Representations  ☆

While we listened to the presentation today regarding human tendencies in the perception of time and space in visual representations, I thought about my pre-educational life doing graphic design for marketing. In that environment, I was introduced to the work of information design giants like Edward Tufte. Tufte, who was recently appointed to the Recovery …

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Reflecting on Looking Forward  ☆

My reading and math buddy training sessions have definitely brought me back to early childhood days. From writing with my left hand to creating shapes with arts and crafts, I have recaptured my early childhood memories of first and second grade. As a Math Buddy, it was fun to create visual images of trapezoids and …

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