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Seeing the Growth 

This year I was lucky enough to be able to work with one of my buddies for a second year. He was held back and had to repeat the first grade. When I began working with him he was drastically different than his first year. When I first met him he barely spoke. When I …

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The Benefits of Starting Small 

A recent article in the NY Times highlights the spread of "Singapore math." In this format, students and teachers slow the progression and focus on basics for long periods. In one example, a teacher describes spending 45 minutes on the number 1. To some in American education, this might seem a step backwards. Our textbooks …

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Reading with Space  ☆

When literacy tests only consider a student's ability to read text, they can ignore the different ways of learning, knowing, and making meaning that we all have. TC Reading & Math Buddies are encouraged to help students decode books on a variety of levels. Working with picture books, for example, allows discussion of space, line, …

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Zankel Fellows newsletter 2009-2010  ☆

The Teachers College Reading and Math Buddies are funded in part through the generous contribution of Arthur Zankel. His Zankel Urban Fellows program gives financial support to TC students in a variety of community-based education efforts, including the Reading and Math Buddies. Because Mr. Zankel is no longer with us, oversight of the program for …

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