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Seeing the Growth 

This year I was lucky enough to be able to work with one of my buddies for a second year. He was held back and had to repeat the first grade. When I began working with him he was drastically different than his first year. When I first met him he barely spoke. When I …

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We Have To Trust Each Other: Functional Adult Networks Create Social Capital for Students  ☆

Current research on social capital shows that vast and varied structural and functional networks affect student achievement on high-stakes, state-mandated student achievement tests.  Student success is, therefore, affected not only by the students' own disposition and characteristics, but also affected by social capital in the forms of community support, parental involvement in and support of …

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The Benefits of Starting Small 

A recent article in the NY Times highlights the spread of "Singapore math." In this format, students and teachers slow the progression and focus on basics for long periods. In one example, a teacher describes spending 45 minutes on the number 1. To some in American education, this might seem a step backwards. Our textbooks …

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Constructing Meaning  ☆

During our Reading and Math Buddies training, doctoral and master’s students from across the Teachers College disciplines found themselves constructing spheres, trapezoids and parallelograms and drawing circles in an effort to understand how young learners construct meaning. Because we are a diverse group of learners, we all approached the tasks differently. Even though some of …

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