My inability to say good-bye

| April 14, 2011

Unfortunately, for me the year seems to be coming to an end, so soon at a time when I feel like I am truly beginning to understand my buddies. I have enjoyed the time that I have spent with them and have learned so much from them, that I am experiencing “separation anxiety”, and I can only imagine how they would be feeling.  I have had one buddy G, tell me that I will be her friend for life, and for me that is a very powerful statement. I have had yet another buddy tell me that they would not like to see me leave, and another ask if I could stay until July.  We have all spent so much time with them, watching them grow and make progressive gains, that i am sure it would be hard for anyone to say “good-bye”. It almost seems like I’m watching a movie, with a cliff hanger and you just stare at the screen thinking “what’s next?”.