1. What happens during the 30 minutes?

Individual Academic Attention
During the thirty minutes, the Buddies may work on a variety of activities together and include  your recommendations about particular topics or concepts that you feel need to be strengthened.   Buddies are encouraged to plan lessons based on each student’s individual needs.   Very often, especially in math, Buddies might have to build a more solid foundation in some concepts, and will  incorporate activities that review earlier concepts/lessons than that currently being taught in class.   Building Background Knowledge, and ensuring that students’ understanding is paramount to the work of the Buddies.   Sometime, you might ask the Buddy to  help review assignments that you have given in class, in order to complement and supplement your work in the classroom. The Buddies will also incorporate creative hands on projects to foster the student’s interest and engagement and to help ensure understanding of the concepts being taught.  At the end of the school year, the Buddy creates a digital portfolio with representative samples of the student’s work for the year.

Buddies are expected to address the needs of the ‘whole child’ in their time together. Oftentimes, we see that academic struggles are coupled with other social, emotional and behavioral issues. Because of the consistency provided by this program, the Buddies are able to help their tutees benefit from the trusting safe environment that is developed, and which is one where the child is comfortable sharing both their successes and their struggles with the big Buddy.


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