Sandy Pope, Reading Buddy!

| September 8, 2010

Hey! I’m Alexander “Sandy” Pope. Born and raised in Austin, TX, I moved to NYC in 2009 to pursue a PhD in social studies education at Teachers College. Now in my second year of that program, I’m also starting my second year as a TC Reading Buddy. I love the Buddies program because it gives me an opportunity to work with students in schools. My research interests are generally based around using experiential learning in social studies to provide civics education that encourages students to engage their communities directly and solve social problems. This meansĀ using the resources of the community: schools, universities, museums, parents, friends, and the like, to help young students develop into active and interested adult citizens. I find that the TC Buddies do just that: using TC resources and skills to help neighborhood students improve themselves through education. Still, I’d rather be outside, hiking with my wife Kat or dogs Chachi and Awa.