History: Reflections from PS123

| August 25, 2011

In 2006, the TC Reading & Math Buddies Program was in place at PS 123. Below, a teacher and a Buddy reflect on the experience.

“Having our Reading Buddy not only motivates the kids she works with to improve their reading, but it gives them the extra one-on-one time that I, as the teacher, am not always able to give them daily. I have seen progress in the reading abilities of the children our Reading Buddy works with, and I enjoy having her assistance in helping the children achieve their goals. ”
Ms. Mariel Davis, Teacher

“So D. is finally back in class and he wastes no time getting back to his old ways. He is not exactly welcomed in the classroom anymore and the teacher has grown accustomed to his absence. Nonetheless, I must go about my task and “save the babies!” I don’t necessarily know how I feel about the battle that is about to take place between the little one and I (he is a worthy opponent). But me as the READING BUDDY must vanquish the evil element obstructing his bright future. I take a seat (complete with the knees pressing to my chest) and proceed to get to work. The battle begins, the clanging of swords can be heard reverberating through the air echoing off the far off walls. I must defeat the enemy, ENEMY THY NAME IS ILLITERACY! I put on my extra armor girded up my loins and overcame that demon.
D. and I had a serious discussion that day concerning his academic future. Do you want to pass the third grade? Yes.
Then I suggest you begin to act like it. I’m not going to come here everyday to fight you, let me know now what you want. I want to pass Taylor. Alright let’s make a deal…
He came through…he is destined to live another day.”
Donald Taylor, Reading Buddy

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