Payman Vafaee

| September 8, 2011

Hello. My name is Payman Vafaee, and I am so excited to be a small part of Zankel Math and Reading Buddies Program to celebratethe loving memory of Dr. Zankel. I am thrilled to be working with kids with whom I share many things in my background. I believe children will not remember you for the material things you provide but for the feeling that you cherish them. These feelings can flourish only in an atmosphere where individual differences are appreciated, mistakes are tolerated, communication is open, and rules are flexible. So I hope I will be remembered by these kids after this year is over.

I was born and grew up in Iran, and completed all my education up to the MA level in the Iranian schools. I moved to the USA in 2010 to do a doctoral program of applied linguistics at Teachers College, Columbia University.

I have been in the field of second language teaching and learning as a teacher, teacher trainer, supervisor, and administrator for 12 years. Also, I have been conducting research in the areas of second language assessment and testing, intercultural communication, and sociolinguistics.