R&M Buddies get new teaching tools ☆

| September 4, 2010

As technology takes over more and more of the average day, it’s important that educators are aware of new developments. Many think the way students interact with and learn material is changing; the methods necessary to master 21st century skills are not those needed 15 years ago. Teachers who can successfully harness new media my have an advantage in connecting with their students.

Maybe you’ve seen one of these little game machines in your classroom. The PlayStationPortable (PSP) is one of those popular hand-held video game platforms that also plays music and movies, and connects to the internet. With a camera attachment, it can even shoot video and take still photos. Thanks to a donation from Joe Deken, this year a TC Visiting Scholar with Hank Levin, the PSP is about to get some heavy use as an educational tool. Deken donated 20 PSPs to the Reading & Math Buddies to use as we work with struggling learners in neighborhood schools. The digital tools will allow Buddies to meet young students on a more familiar plane and incorporate digital learning rather than purely pen-and-paper activities.

Traditional methods will probably still dominate. R&M Buddies get training from literacy professionals, developmental psychologists, and multicultural educational experts. But, just like a well-used SMART Board, the option to work with students in the digital medium adds another layer to the repertoire of good educators.

UPDATE: The TC Reading & Math Buddies aren’t the only ones getting to use PSPs this semester. Trapped miners in Chile have been given the devices to help them pass the time until they are rescued.