Natalya Bogopolskaya, Math Buddy!

| September 17, 2010

I was born in Yalta, Ukraine. My family immigrated to the United States when I was 7, and I grew up in San Francisco. I went to a Chinese immersion middle school and a French high school. For undergrad, I went to Claremont McKenna College, where I majored in French, Russian, and Psychology. After college, I went to teach English in Toulon, France (between Nice and Marseille). After, I returned to San Francisco where I worked for an educational nonprofit called Spark, taught at my synagogue, and tutored. I love to travel and learn different languages. I have studied about 8 or 9 languages, but I would say I only speak 3 “fluently”, including English, Russian, and French. After teaching in France, I realized that classroom teaching is something I really only enjoy part-time, but I love working with children. At Teachers College, I’m studying School Psychology. As for hobbies, I would list: yoga, running, swimming, reading, (I used to knit! but no longer..), and watching foreign films. I love to go to libraries and just choose random films or books, some of which I never get through. I also like to go on long walks to explore familiar and unfamiliar places.