Kira Tolla

| September 10, 2011
I’m fresh to the East Coast from the San Francisco Bay where I’ve been working in an array of capacities in the local Farmers Markets for the past four years and teaching as a Garden Specialist in an After School Program.  Over that time I’ve found a passion in food in every respect.  Growing it, cooking, it, studying it, and advocating for local sustainably grown food for all socioeconomic levels.  Which is what has led me to my program of study; An M.S. in Nutrition and Public Health in the Department of Health and Behavior Studies.  I feel empowered by every decision I make as a consumer in the market, grocery store, kitchen, and restaurants.  I’d like to impart this same sense of power to my students, to help nourish and make them aware and realize their abilities and affect they can have within their peer groups and community.  And hopefully in the process we can share some delicious food stories and meals!

I’m excited to learn more about New York and the Northeast, and experience snow again.  Or maybe you won’t see me at all when the winter comes, and I become a scared hermit!  I bring a mix of all the regions of America with me, born in Ohio, maturing through the teen years and college in Georgia and spending my mid-twenties in California I’ve become very adaptable to change and to different lifestyles and traditions. This will be useful in creating a bond and an understanding with my students.