Digital Portfolios ☆

| October 2, 2010

One of the benefits we get from the TC Buddies is the chance to work with a diverse cohort. We have Buddies (or, if you prefer, Zankel Fellows) from all sorts of disciplines: clinical pysch, english ed, art ed, math ed, etc, etc. Getting to spend a full year with all of these different types is a huge bonus, mainly because we each bring a different skill set and viewpoint to education.

But for any of this to work, we must know one another. And so, we created and shared digital portfolios of our lives. There were PowerPoints, videos, and stories, but the whole point was sharing. All of us now know some pretty intimate details about our colleagues. I can tell you who has visited Australia, who loves Spongebob, and who has a new niece. I can tell you similar details about nearly 30 people. Last year, barely a month into the semester, I couldn’t do that with a cohort of 9 fellow doctoral students.

The TC Buddies work to build community. This we know. We have the privilege of working in one-on-one with students from the community, in the community. But we also have the privilege of building community with one another. That’s a very rich and rewarding experience. It’s an experience the rest of TC would do well to try and duplicate.