Christina Romeo

| September 8, 2011

Upon graduating from New York University with a bachelor of science in communications, I had dreams of entering the world of advertising, marketing, or public relations.  However, after a few volatile years, I decided I needed to find something more secure and ideally more meaningful. I decided to apply for the NYC Teaching Fellows.

Looking back at my journey, I can’t believe that I started teaching third grade at PS 152 in 2006, and have just completed my fifth year.  I feel I have truly found my place in the world. My job challenges me in every way and helps make me a better person.  I am constantly looking for ways to improve my craft whether through work with fellow teachers, mentors or professional development opportunities. Though I have truly grown and developed as a teacher, I feel I still have much more to discover and explore about myself as an educator and am therefore taking a break to pursue a doctorate in the Teaching of English at Teachers College. I will definitely miss my “kids,” therefore I am very much looking forward to working as a TC Reading Buddy to stay connected to the youth who have captured my heart.