Anahid Modrĕk

| September 11, 2011

Hello! My name is Anahid, I am originally from Los Angeles, California and I am pursuing a MA/PhD inDevelopmental Psychology. As an undergrad at UC Berkeley I worked with students at a local middle school, where I could not help but notice that my students’ psychological well-being would directly transcend their academic performance – an experience which now defines my career and research as a Developmental Psychology student. While I am excited to improve students’ math skills and foster close relationships with them, I am most passionate about contributing to the cultivation of young peoples’ motivation. I am curious about what motivates students to learn, and why some students are more resilient than others. My research interests include studying development in education and how researchers can work with policymakers and practitioners to improve education interventions. I want to look at the origins of self-conceptions and their role in academic achievement and how motivation, resilience and persistence can be fostered in children. I also want to investigate how the achievement gap seen in institutions in low- income communities affects children’s motivation and self-conceptions. Likewise, I want to see if promoting self-discovery and endorsing involvement in leisure activities will instill intrinsic motivation, and if intrinsic motivation can overlap towards other aspects of their life such as academics.