Reflecting on Looking Forward ☆

| September 17, 2010

My reading and math buddy training sessions have definitely brought me back to early childhood days. From writing with my left hand to creating shapes with arts and crafts, I have recaptured my early childhood memories of first and second grade. As a Math Buddy, it was fun to create visual images of trapezoids and parallelograms for my future students to play with during our sessions, but even more exciting to create a PowerPoint for my students to use on a PSP – an exclusive educational game that can’t be bought at Toys ‘R’ Us mind you.  Reading through old Dr. Seus classics and “Jack and the Beanstalk” this week reminded me of the intrigue of story time during afternoon sessions when I was a student at P.S. 36. Today’s session of creating visual representations of our storybooks brought me back to my first school play in first grade, “Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears.” aaagghh, memories :) All the interactive activities and getting to know my fellow Buddies has been a great introduction to my TC school year!

Today’s session with our guest lecturer, Dr. T was a stimulating discussion on visual representations of data.  One image that particularly stood out to me, as a health education student, was the scatterplot slide of the cholera epidemic. This same concept is used for geographical GIS mapping for disease outbreaks during epidemiological studies. Another concept of using the Photovoice method, using images to tell a story during community building and fostering support groups to share common experiences also came to mind. Visual learning is applied across all disciplines and age groups. Arts and crafts, Playstation, role playing, gesturing, drawing, and other visual aids reinforce the students understanding, but sometimes just make learning fun. I hope to continue to revisit early adolescent memories during training, but also gain key take-away strategies of how to provide instruction and teach my future students.  Stay tuned for updates as the semester unfolds….